Mil/Aero Business Development

We are a company of highly qualified business development professionals and senior development and application engineers who understand the unique needs and requirements of the military and aerospace sector. We demonstrate uncompromising ethics and fully understand the requirements and processes in selling into the DoD and related branches. With decades of experience managing flow downs to the OEM, Dualos significantly limits risks and confusion throughout the entire selling process.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can find it daunting navigating and positioning their products and solutions into the DoD ecosystem. Dualos’ business development and application engineering team each have 20+ years selling experience into this complex environment.

Key OEM’s have relied on Dualos to lead their selling initiatives to realize their desired results. Dualos’ Mil/Aero team is accountable for:

  • Defining Current Technology or Selling Gaps
  • Marketing and Selling Strategies
  • Total Solution Selling Techniques
  • Understand Funding Streams
  • Government Labs and Research University Funding
  • Broad Understanding of Programs and Program Management Offices
  • Developing Meaningful Relationships with Decision Makers, Influencers, Coaches & Stakeholders
  • Ensuring the OEM has ‘Seat at the Table’
  • Procurement Structure and Process (consolidation)
  • Overseeing Statement of Works and Technical Specifications (Overall total solutions)
  • Negotiating Terms & Conditions
  • Winning

We are dedicated to your success!