Global Business Development & Go-To-Market Strategy

Gaining an in-depth and clear understanding of the global markets within specific industries such as Avionics can be a daunting task for most OEM’s of any size. Dualos has developed a global framework of professionals that include; in-country distributors, integrators and professional business development firms. Dualos’ senior management has built decades of meaningful, trusting and transparent relationships with its international partners. Partners are managed by Dualos’ regional business professionals ensuring your interest are always a priority.

Creating a go-to-market strategy is an essential step for any successful business, in order to bring together all the key areas that define the public face of your company. These include; marketing strategy, sales procedures, distribution methods, and so forth.

Dualos follows a proven methodology that has been vetted over the years.

1 – Define Target Markets

  • Establish desired outcome by geography
  • Clear understanding of current gaps
  • Why gaps exist – cause
  • Establish target audience
  • Which markets can be reached most easily, and at a low cost
  • Which markets have considerable leverage with low competition

2 – Develop Target Customer List

  • Size opportunity
  • Segment by value customer versus low cost customer
  • Understanding funding streams, internal investments, growth and future opportunity
  • Understanding the downstream customer base – use of technology
  • Barriers to entry; competition, incumbent, cost, etc.

3 – Define Product or Solution Value Proposition by Local Geography

  • Define market position and leverage
  • Develop marketing, media, web campaigns
  • Establish ROI metrics

4 – Select Sales and Marketing Channels by Geography

  • Align by subject matter expertise
  • Financial/transaction structure requirements
  • Import/export requirements

5 – Execution

  • Management by Defined Key Performance Indices (KPI’s