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ISO 9001:2015 & AS 9120 B quality management system (QMS), assigns the responsibilities and authorities for the processes. These processes are continually reviewed on a regular basis by conducting management reviews, internal audits, risk / opportunity assessments, and reviewing and monitoring quality objectives.

quality management system (QMS)

Dualos’ commitment to its customers and policy to the Aerospace industry is to provide the highest quality products delivered with out of this world customer service. We accomplish this by strictly adhering to our quality management system (QMS) and its processes backed with continuous in-depth training for all Dualos associates.

ISO 9001:2015

Determines the criteria to which a QMS should adhere and ensures that customers always receive products and services of consistent quality, which promises larger benefits for every aspect of the business. To ensure Dualos is executing to the highest level of ISO requirements, we recently recertified from 9001:2008 to 9001:2015.


Similar to QMS ISO 9001, AS9120B is specific to the aerospace industry. AS9100 incorporates ISO 9000, albeit with additional requirements related to the quality and authenticity of products in aerospace. AS9120B is the aerospace certification specifically for Distributors. Major manufacturers and suppliers require AS9100 certification as a pre-requisite to any business relationship. Documentation such as; traceability, origin, counterfeit parts, certificate of conformance and other key documentation is captured on every order no matter it use. Although AS is for aerospace, Dualos treats every order with the same diligence no matter the application.