An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

~ Benjamin Franklin

our story

our founder

From Nancy Papineau:

“As president and as a leader I am passionate about helping others reach their full potential.

A Pacific Northwest native with Native American heritage, I understand first-hand the rigors and rewards of hard work. I am guided by the strength exhibited by my Cherokee mother who fought poverty and separation from her family – and honored by my father and bothers who served our country in WWII, Korea and Vietnam.

My professional life has always followed a path of customer service and treating others with dignity and respect. As a Quality Systems specialist, I am passionate about creating efficiencies and integrity by leveraging best management practices. My respect for the environment, in part, was the foundation for Dualos, eliminating waste in materials, money and human energy. As a child, my dad took me on scavenger hunts to help pull nails and find other materials that could be reclaimed for re-use. Because of this intrigue and passion, my first two employment opportunities were at recycling centers. These experiences lead me to understand the importance of eliminating waste and protecting the environment.

Having a strong passion in the scientific world, I recognize the necessity of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs for students, and I take every opportunity to support our communities.

Increasing the workforce by employing veterans and Native Americans to fulfill the growth potential of Dualos is my primary objective while becoming even more sustainable and ecologically responsible.”

mission statement

To combine uncompromising quality with superior products and customer service, deliver best value to our customers and partners and provide our employees with tools and resources to enhance their learning, development and advancement.

vision statement

To provide measurable value with exceptional service, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses.

core value

Strengthening families and the communities we serve.