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electronic warfare

Electronic Warfare (EW) encompasses radar-controlled weapon systems designed to detect, identify, and counter any signal within the RF Spectrum.

radar prototyping

Engineers are employing Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems in a wide range of Electronic Warfare and Radar applications ranging from Phased Array Radars, to Beam-forming, and Direction-finding systems.

The NI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST) line is ideal for MIMO test applications.

With the compact footprint of the VST, you can synchronize up to eight PXIe-5840s or five PXIe-5646s in a single 18-slot PXIe Chassis. In addition, each of the VSTs can be synchronized in a completely phase-coherent manner.

Add AWR Visual System Simulator (VSS) software

Assists designers of Mil/Aero transmitters and receivers to specify componenet requirements, create sub-system architectures, and to optomize complete radar system-level designs. VSS software offers system-level simulation technology; providing RF communication and Radar system design solutions, supporting realistic measurements of cascaded RF blocks, identifying the source of spurious products and simulating system metrics such as bit error rates all from a single system diagram.

VSS Applications:

Enhanced Phased-Array Model – provides greater flexibility in simulating array performance with a single re-configurable model supporting thousands of radiating elements based on measured or simulated antenna data for the development of beam-forming algorithms, evaluation of hardware impairments and RF link analysis. The model, which also accounts for mutual coupling between radiating elements for greater accuracy, can be configured as a MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) antenna assembly.

EW, Electronic Countermeasures (ECM), Electronic Support Measures (ESM)

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NI Vector Signal Transceiver
(VST) Line

Combines a RF Vector Signal Generator and RF Vector Signal Analyzer along with FPGA-based, real-time signal processing.

PXIe-564465 MHz to 6 GHz
80 MHz0.95 msec
PXIe-564565 MHz to 6 GHz
80 MHz3.7 msec
PXIe-564665 MHz to 6 GHz
200 MHz1.8 msec
PXIe-58200 MHz to 500MHz1 GHz0.38 msec
PXIe-58409 kHz to 6 GHz1 GHz250 μsec

New PXIe-5840 is NI’s 2nd Gen VST – is backwards compatible with NI’s original VST line the PXIe-564x.

Advantages of the PXIe-5840:

  • 5x in Instantaneous Bandwidth, increasing now to a full 1 GHz.
  • Wider frequency range, now starting from 9 kHz for low frequency Avionics testing.
  • 5x DSP, now capable of measuring more complex waveforms at faster data speeds.
  • Improved EVM performance, for testing higher modulation schemes.
  • Reduced size from 3-slots to 2-slots, now can test 8×8 MIMO in one chassis.
  • Customization, key to NI strategy, entire VST is open sourced in LabView.

VST Applications:

  • With wider instantaneous bandwidth, the 5840 can be used for applications such as 5G, mmWave Systems, Advanced Radar, an Five-carrier Aggregation.

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