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electronic warfare

Electronic Warfare (EW) encompasses radar-controlled weapon systems designed to detect, identify, and counter any signal within the RF Spectrum.

AWR Design Environment Platform consists of:

  • System simulation – Visual System Simulator (VSS)
  • Circuit simulation – Microwave Office & Analog Office
    • Microwave Office – for designers of RF Sub-systems
    • Analog Office – for designers of RFICs and Analog ICs
  •  Electromagnetic analysis – AXIEM & Analyst
    • AXIEM – 3D Planar Electromagnetic (EM) Analysis
    • Analyst – 3D Finite Element Method (FEM) Electromagnetic (EM) Analysis


– NI AWR VSS for Radar Overview

  • Radar Prototyping – detailed behavioral modeling of RF and Signal processing in a Radar system; 3D Antenna patterns derived from synthesis or measurement.

– NI AWR Radar Prototyping app note

  • MIMO & Phased Array Antenna System Development – require phase synchronization for direction finding and target simulation, wide instantaneous bandwidths for fast sweeps and less missed signals, and high dynamic range for recognizing small signals in the presence of saturating signals.
  • add FPGA based Digital Signal Processor for Real-time Spectrum Analysis
  • add a RAID Array for Record & Playback of Terabytes of data

– NI AWR MIMO & Phased Array Antenna app note

  • Terrain Situational Awareness – using Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) our military can reduce vehicle accidents.

– Vehicle Radar Test System (76 to 81GHz) app note


  • add together with a VST for Real-time Spectrum Analysis

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