“Dualos is honored to be selected and certified as a Historically Underutilized Business Zone entity. Dualos’ mission is to bring success and prosperity to the communities we serve” stated Nancy Papineau, President of Dualos.

Dualos and National Instruments are partnering to grow National Instruments key technologies and solutions into government related programs. “By leveraging Dualos’ senior business development and application engineering, along with decades of program development expertise, it’s a natural fit with National Instrument’s growth initiatives” states Dualos’ Heidi Jones, Vice President of Business Development.

After months of evaluating suitable corporate office spaces in the Seattle area Dualos selected downtown Tacoma, WA for its new headquarters. The space, located at 917 Pacific Avenue, augments Dualos’ Operations Center located just outside of Tacoma. From the desk of Rob Harris, Executive Vice President; “The key criteria for the final selection included; access […]