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avionics communications commercial

Avionics Communications is one of the most critical systems onboard any aircraft.

Abaco Systems offers an extensive line of ARINC databus products for all your test applications:

  • Development, Test and Simulation
  • Lab and Flightline

02 – lab and flightline

RAR-USB flexible design provides a powerful hardware foundation that supports multiple avionics protocols in a single, integrated, portable package. Bi-directional discretes support TTL to avionics-level inputs while low-side switch outputs enhance application flexibility.

  • up to (16) Rx and (5) Tx ARINC-429 Channels
  • Optional ARINC-717 Rx and TX Channel

Download the Data Sheet

RAR-PMCIE ARINC-429 high density interface for Mini PCI Express


  • Operating temperature range: 40°C to +85°C
  • Relative humidity: 5 to 95% (non-condensing)
  • Storage temperature range: -50°C to +100°C
  • Optional ruggedized, extended temp and carrier card configurations available
  • up to (8) Rx and (4) Tx ARINC-429 Channels
  • Optional ARINC-717 Rx and Tx Channel

Download the Data Sheet


  • Deterministic behavior
  • Fault tolerance
  • Redundancy

The key attribute required in Avionics Communications is ‘flexibility’ – both the flexibility to transition from the lab to the embedded world, and the flexibility to simulate and test a wide range of bus configurations with a single interface.


  • ARINC-429 primary digital data bus over most of the Application layer – used virtually on all Commercial aircraft
  • ARINC-708 specific to Airborne Weather Radar systems
  • ARINC-717 Digital Expandable Flight Data Acquisition and Recording System (DEFDARS) supercedes ARINC-573, also used for Flight Data Recorders; however, adds a number of different bit rates and frame sizes
  • ARINC-419 Catalog and Compares older Avionics databus standards
    • ARINC-573 Aircraft Integrated Data Systems (AIDS) – used for Flight Data Recorders, that used 12bit words sent in a continuous data stream
    • ARINC-575 Digital Air Data Systems (DADS)
    • ARINC-585 Electronic Chronometer System (ECS)

Download the Abaco ARINC Protocol Tutorial