Federal Way Public Academy is a school of choice for parents and students in the Federal Way Public Schools. It is a college-preparatory school that emphasizes a challenging “traditional” academic curriculum for every student in every subject. Students are provided optimum conditions to perform their best. Under the guidance of a faculty that understands and truly enjoys working with adolescents, they are given individual attention only found in small school settings with low stress, high challenge, and allowance for creative freedom.

Photo of Old School Bell with Nancy Papineau’s name engraved on it as one of the founding parents.

Federal Way Public Academy encourages students’ understanding of their place in the local community and the world as it helps them to identify their individual strengths, establish their own values, and stimulates them to seek and accept challenges.

Dualos’ donation this year will provide planners to each and every student for 2018-2019 school year. This school is very close to Nancy’s heart for several reasons. As one of the founding members, her passion and dedication for free education drove her heavy involvement in the growth of this school – she was even PSTA President for 2 years. Nancy is quoted as saying “It is very special. It took a lot of creative people who were dedicated to make it happen.”