supply chain management

Simplifying the supply chain, electronic workflow, cost reduction and predictability with the quality you deserve.

  • Vendor Consolidation

    Dualos’ supplier consolidation management process eliminates the need to manage non-critical suppliers. By removing the management overhead with indirect suppliers, customers greatly reduce their overhead and transactional costs. Having Dualos manage multiple suppliers for you minimizes risk, cost and order points – and creates a single point of payment. Dualos manages on-time delivery, quality, flow-downs, end-of-life, product recalls, supplier corrective actions and manages supplier report cards. Dualos proactively communicates negative trends or any supply chain potential concerns. Metrics are viewable anytime or delivered in electronic format.

  • PO Consolidation

    Having to request multiple quotes and then create and send multiple PO’s to multiple suppliers can be burdensome and costly. Not to mention the overhead to manage terms, documentation, order receipts, ship notifications and supplier quality. Dualos makes it easy to request a quote and submit a single PO with mixed suppliers all adhering to your terms and conditions and, in most cases, your negotiated price.

  • Hard and Soft Cost Savings

    Dualos’ primary focus is supply chain management, extracting cost, minimizing manual touches with the utmost attention to quality. Monthly reports are provided with purchase history, negotiated cost savings, time reduction and, if provided, soft cost savings based on your estimated transactional cost.

  • Supplier Score Card Management

    On-time delivery, every time along with 100% quality is now the standard. The entire supply chain requires managed and evaluated real-time. If a single supplier is underperforming, it can add significant program costs.. Dualos’ real-time KPI’s trend each supplier’s performance which identifies potential issues immediately for correct action and communicated alerts. Dualos has specialized order management personnel that track each order from inception to ship confirmation and acceptance. This is all they do – every day.

  • Electronic Workflow

    Wherever possible, Dualos will remove any unnecessary touch or cost points throughout the entire supply chain. By doing so, we not only limit labor overhead but also minimize mistakes from occurring. This is accomplished through cXML, EDI and other electronic tools and technologies based on your processes and infrastructure.

  • Kitting, Special Packaging & Labeling

    Dualos’ ISO 9001:2015 and AS9120B certified operations center can take on your most demanding or costly material handling requirements. The facility is located in the Seattle, WA area which is convenient to shipping and transportation lanes. Additionally, when needed, Dualos can stand up a secured physical mobile distribution operations center within 60 days anywhere in North America.